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I have something to say

I’ve been silent for way too long
Yet I have something to say
Believing a lie, the well had run dry
But I have something to say

Distracted, redirected, pulled from the course
Not knowing I’d lost my way
Cost me more than the loss of my voice
Living a life in grey

Shocked to find the silence profound
I ran to the Source, the Way
Reminded He’s here, He’d never let go
That He walks with me day by day

It’s in this place where I rest in Him
That I find something to say
In the good and the bad whether happy or sad
Silence’s no longer my way

The well’s again full with the Source of life
I have something to say
Praise to declare, Truth to share
I have something to say


When is paper bag more than a paper bag?

So when is a paper bag more than a paper bag? When it’s a thank you gift.
This recent ditty written to honour our volunteers at South West explains

“We are here to declare
Because we are very aware
That without your gift of service true
We don’t know what we would do
For you are worth a mint to us
We know that in you we can trust
That is why there’s a MINT inside
For we look on you with pride

In this House we are blessed
He’s given us the very best
Some sing, some greet and some dance
Some count or lend a helping hand
It really is limitless
the talents that are amongst us
So when you hold the COIN of GOLD
Know from God you have gifts untold

There is give in all you do
You’re able to be stretched it’s true
And this year each and everyone
Has been stretched in all they’ve done
For we have growth in numbers and heart
And each of you has done your part
So when you see the RUBBER BAND
Know we’re thankful with us you stand

All work no play now that won’t do
We all love a joke or two
This House is filled with lots of laughter
Following the example of our senior pastors
So when you see the BALLOON inside
The fun remember not to hide
We pray you continue to employ
A spirit of love and life and joy

What we love the very most
Is that you have no heart of boast
You do not do this for the praise
That is definitely not the case
Instead it is for God you’re ‘sold’
For His glory is your goal
So all this is packaged in a PAPER BAG
Plain and unassuming with a little tag
To represent your humble heart
As we all play our God given part

May you count it joy my friend
That you to us God did send
He certainly knew what he was about
Of that us pastors have no doubt
To say thank you and thanks to God
With this little gift and card
We really could do no less
So thank you from all of South West”