Framed by the I Am!

I felt different. New. Not me and yet so much more me than I had ever been before. Altered and yet complete. I had always sensed this was who I was and yet had been unable to find myself.
I had remained hidden within the folds of other’s expectation. Lost in the skirt of my mother, the cloak of my father. Defined by the uniforms of my friends and the suits of my coworkers. Each article of clothing I had taken on had shaped me. And yet not me, but a reflection of them.
He stripped me of those facades. Laid me bare. Oh the shame! The revealing of my emancipated self. Gaunt, thin, hollow and weak. Who I really was. I cried, whimpered, feeling exposed and uncertain. I had been terrified. Certain the shame would kill me. Yet the love in His eyes compelled me. I allowed the shedding of my clothing. Clinging to Him as He laid bare my existence and stripped away my dependance.
Once revealed He tenderly and carefully clothed me in His love and acceptance. Cleaned, released and assured of His love I was surprised by the image I saw reflected in His gaze. Regal, strong and sure. The image of a princess in all her glory and splendour could be seen.
Was this me? Could it be? The voice of my experience wanted to cry out no. But a voice older still, found in the place of my beginning – where I had been knit together – resonated the truth. I was a child of the King. Suddenly I was found. The cadence of my life balanced in the reflection of His stare. The sense of identity and value aligned to the image reflected in His eyes. No shame, no pain, no facade. Instead, found through the shedding of all I thought was dear, I found a greater truth. I am because He Is. The I Am has framed me!


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