Searching for God but faced with the enemy?

Have you every noticed how at times when you set out searching for God instead you find a battle or the enemy or even silence? It seems wrong doesn’t it. After all God said to seek Him and He would be found by us (Jeremiah 29:14) so what is with that?
Today I was reading Matt 4, the account of Jesus temptation in the desert, and for the first time I was struck by this very thought – Jesus set aside time to seek God through a fast and instead the first person he met – the devil. That seems messed up to me, at least on the surface of it. After all how could God be so cruel as to let Jesus encounter the exact antithesis of what he sought? How can He do the same to us?

But I know my God. Regardless of how my limited understanding perceives it, God cannot be cruel. He is always right, always good and always loving. So what’s the deal? You know I don’t know I can give a definitive answer. For each of us God will be working a different purpose, dealing with different issues. And let’s not forget God’s ways are not ours. Here’s what I do know. Father God was there with Jesus, and He is with us. Even if we cannot see Him in the the Matt 4 text (or our lives during the battle) He is there. I believe He was there whispering to Jesus what weapons (scriptures) to use to fight against His enemy. Weapons that resulted in Jesus standing.

Maybe it’s time we were prepared for the enemy to come at us when we pursue God. Maybe it’s time we were as armed as Jesus. Maybe? Definitely!

And remember – After Jesus temptation the very angles that Satan had sought to have Jesus use to test God came and ministered to Jesus. So when you go out seeking God and instead find the enemy and you ask ‘where are you God?’ Remember He is in the battle with you. Whispering the words you need to fight with, if you would but hear. Where is the miracle? On the other side of the battle. Encountering the enemy in our search for God is not a walk of failure but instead a walk of faith that has the enemy working in fear to stop us. Don’t grab a hold of his fear but cling to God’s favour.


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